Synin IoT Connection Schematic

Transmission distance

Narrowband operation allows sub-GHz radio transmission distances of up to one kilometer or more. This allows sub-GHz nodes can communicate directly with the remote hub (Hub), no need 

to jump from one node to another node.  Even if radio waves is a stralght line. but when they hit hard edges (eg corner of the buliding) is, or will bend. As the frequency decreases. diffraction  

angle will increase. which would allow sub-GHz signals to turn around obstacles for to alleviate the blocking effect.

Easy to produce interference

sub-GHz ISM band dedicated mostly for low duty cycle link is unlikely to interfere with each other.  in such quieter spectrum, transmission easier.attempts can be greatly reduced, and therefore 

more efficient, and can significantly save battery power.

Low Power

Power efficiency and system transmission distance from the role of the receiver sensitivity plus the transmission frequency, Sensitivity and inversely proportional to channel bandwidth, there for 

enarrower bandwidth can resuit in higher receiver sensitivity, at a lower transmission frequency for efficien operations. Towaras smart grid sub-GHz sharpening.

With the advent of smart grid technology and a substantial leap forward,

Proprietary or srandards-based long-distance transmisson, a wider range of bussiness opportunities in sub-GHz mesh networks have been growing. Automatic electronic instruments, for 

example,the benefits can bring a lot of utility companies, including improved stability and accuracy, easy to calibrate, improve security, and provide more advanced charging functions,

The whole system can take advantage of long-range, low-cost wireless communcation smart grid required for effective data exchange.



Use IoT and clouding technologies to make power network fault detection precisely, reduce power failure and repairing time.

Smart City & buildings

A smart city and building combine the wireless communication and all kinds of sensor technologies (IoT) to enhance quality and performance of urban services, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to engage more effectively and actively with its citizens.

Factory Automation

Use loT technologies achieve remote monitoring plant operating, so that to make production more smooth and successful.

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